Ya café 雅 café

Proudly celebrating the 125th anniversary of Guangya High School of Guangdong Province,all gyers are also excited to witness together the opening of YA café,which marks a new historical period of this school.

For this café is the first one totally run by students,it aims to provide a platform for our students to cultivate their autonomy in management and running business.Besides,this café is intended to serve as a cosy environment for students to share their ideas of life,to show their talent of art.Further,it aims to invite the world into Guangya.Nowadays,the new found “coffee culture” has started to spread to the rest of the world.Creating a coffee culture inside this traditionally tea-oriented country, YA café is supposed to extend the coffeehouse culture—a way to promote open, respectful conversation among a wide variety of individuals.Coffee Press spreads coffee knowledge and technic, makes different art with different heart and let everyone experience the graces of coffee culture.Every month,a wide variety of interesting salon are held in YA·café,which was held by the the experts who have significant experience in some area or the student themselves.

A great many people have contributed to making it happen.Greatest gratitude falls to Ms Chen Ruiai,vice president of Dahuanong Animal Health Product Co.Ltd,for her support and funding.Second gratitude goes to the parents’team,for their care and guidance.Many thanks to all the teachers who take charge of the café,for their wisdom and dedication.In addition to the dedication and cooperation mentioned above,the passiontime and efforts of the students’team also play an important role in running YA café.Now the students’team includes the manager,Sophie Ye from Senior2 Class 7;the vice manager,Huang Shujie from Senior2 Class 8;the minister of scheme,Helling Huang from Senior2 Class14;the minister of business,Eve Cai from Senior1 Class5;the minister of finance,Amy Liu from Senior 2 Class2. With their hard work and effort,may there be a fantastic future of our café to be one with taste and active emersion of cultures.


Copyrighter: Campus Ambassador 2013-2014 Shangshang Ye

Editor in charge: Professor Joyce Yan


Guangdong Guangya High School

No.1 Xiwan Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

Tel: 020-81261232

Email: gdgyzx@163.com

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