An introduction to Guangdong Guangya High School

I History and environment

Guangya High School, whose predecessor was Guangya Academy, was established by Zhang Zhidong, Governor of Guangdong and Guangxi Province, in 1888.
The name Guangya, in Chinese traditional culture, stands for both knowledgeableness (the meaning of Guang) and integrity (the meaning of Ya). The connotation of the school’s name reveals her educational philosophy—to educate students and help them become knowledge- able men of integrity.
In the last 124 years, Guangya has educated hundreds upon hundreds of excellent students, and is praised as the “Living Witness of the Development of China’s Contemporary Education”. On the campus, the stone-stools, stone-piers, aged-bridges, stone-monuments, ancient-carvings, old school walls, statues of the ancient wise men, reliefs and couplet-plaques are all the historical remains flowing with the scent of history, tradition and culture, and all together create a harmonious, dignified, classic, healthy and prosperous campus atmosphere.

II Staff

The hundred-year old school collected many elites--she has a group of extraordinary teachers with Guangya’s own characteristics which meets the need of 21st century’s development. The school now has one expert who enjoys the allowance from the State Council, two educational overseers of Guangdong Province, two key teachers from Guangdong Technological Education System, twelve special-class teachers, nearly a hundred leading scholars and advanced teaching specialist, which enable the school to rank among the tops in a number of famous teachers in Guangdong.

III Electives and student clubs

“Hearing students reading, the reading sound spread outdoor and dropped like fine music; Staying here composing, the flowers flew to the water and dropped like fine poems”. This is a couplet hanging at the entrance of Zhaoming Building, the main teaching building. The couplet reflects the exceeding teaching and studying atmosphere.
Every school year, there are Reading Festival, Technology Festival, Lotus Festival, Sports Festival and Art Festival, which energize Guangya students. The school’s Opening Ceremony, the Coming-of-age Ceremony, the Graduation Ceremony, also known as the Three Ceremonies of Growing Up, have taught the students a good lesson of gratefulness and responsibilities.

The school-based Boya Curriculum System, recently recognized by Guangzhou Education Bureau as one of the first top five school-based curriculum systems among 150 high schools
in the city, helps students to savor the charms of science and responsibility, and broaden their international vision. It provides all her students with a larger platform for learning and for becoming all-rounded global citizens. In the recent three years, nearly 400 different types of elective courses have been opened, whose subjects range from humanities, nature, life science, philosophy, history, economy to military. Over 15000 person-time attendees have listened to these lectures.
Students are encouraged to found and attend clubs according to their own interests, in which they can express their uniqueness through diverse club-activities. Now there is Model-United-Nations club, philosophy club, literature club, Han-study club, photography club and dozens of others. By joining in such clubs, students of Guangya cultivate proper self-judgment, creativity, communication skills, and are endowed with the Guangya spirit.

IV Facilities

The comfortable study condition, with all the user-friendly facilities, provide students with the most convenient and friendly services. Guangya Library is the biggest library among all high schools in Guangzhou even in Guangdong, whose dimension reaches 4200 square meters. It abounds in book resources with 186720 volumes of diverse category. In 2011 alone, each student borrowed 14.77 volumes on average and the utilization rate of books reached 75.4%, which is the best record among the libraries of the high schools in the city. The Student Development Guidance Centre functions as a student development base which helps the students know themselves comprehensively, establish positive values, determine their life development, and discover their maximum potential.

V Academic achievements

Guangya has achieved excellent scores in education, and has been praised by the national, provincial and municipal government for several times. All these years, Guangya has made a bumper harvest in the college entrance examination. In the 34-year history of the college entrance examination, there are 39 highest-ranking students in different subjects from Guangya High School. The achievement has ranked at the top among the prestigious high schools in the province. This year, despite the large scale expansion in enrollment, more than 60% of the students are able to enter key universities in China and more than 97% of them can find a place in a Chinese university. The teaching standard of the school enjoys widespread praise.

With the perseverant endeavor of the Guangya people during the past hundred years, Guangya has grown to be well established and vigorously developing as the banyans in the campus, as the lotus in the pond giving forth a pleasant fragrance. It has earned its reputation by its elegant campus, fine traditions, highly-qualified teachers, excellent quality education and the great success it has achieved. Guangya has made remarkable contributions to the development of the modern education mode of China.


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Guangdong Guangya High School

No.1 Xiwan Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

Tel: 020-81261232


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