Grand Forum of Guangya

With an aim to hold the best, the most welcomed by students, and the most beneficial forum, we invite experts and celebrities to our school to give speeches on their academic insights and share their life experience with students in Guangya, and thus bring students closer to great minds and brilliant ideas. Up to now, 30 Guangya Grand Forums have been held and enjoyed great popularity among Guangya students. Some forums are introduced as follows.


Lecture 1


Stories in the Making of the Chinese Cartoon, Xi Yangyang (The Pleasant Sheep)


On April 27th, 2010 Guangya Grand forum welcomed its first guest speaker Huang Weiming, a noted Cantonese animation producer who invented the Xi Yangyang series. Mr. Huang shared stories in the production process with Guangya students, encouraged students to be devoted, professional, creative and with a strong interest in their future endeavors. In the Q&A session, students also got to know the development and bottleneck of China’s animation industry.

Lecture 2

The Power of Thinking in Learning Mathematics


On June 1, 2010 the well-known academician of Chinese Academy of Science Zhang Jingzhong, who is also a noted computer scientist, mathematician, educator and science writer, was invited to give a lecture on The Power of Thinking in Learning Mathematics. He suggests that mathematics is a science of abstract concepts and only by initiating active thinking could students learn the subject better. He proposed three suggestions in math learning: first, have a thorough understanding of every concept; second, dare to think and dare to ask; third, be able to do calculation and draw geometric images. He inspired a lot of Guangya math lovers. 

Lecture 4

Traditional Culture & Filial Piety


Fu Jianping a professor of College of Arts, South China Normal University analyzed China's current situation of filial piety from both rational and emotional perspectives, extracted fours words (i.e., kindness, study, etiquette and system) of Confucian culture to describe the filial piety about the people’s relationship whose link was blood and called for high school students to sacrifice ancestors and advocate eight virtues, i.e., filial piety and fraternal duty, faithfulness, propriety, rite and sense of shame.


Lecture 5

Stamp Collecting Enthusiasts Met


Mr. Li Jianyang, the first chief teacher, famous mathematics education expert and stamp collecting
enthusiast of Guangya was the speaker of the seminar whose theme was ‘the previous Asian Games and the
Asian Games stamps’. Li started from the first stamp of the first Asian Games in the middle of the last century,
led students to recall the previous Asian Games, displayed his personal collection familiarly as well as guided
students to broaden their horizons and enrich their insight.


Lecture 9

Technological development, opportunities and challenges in the 21st century


Professor Zhang Yuanming, Dean of Life Science and Technology Institute of Jinan University
gave a lecture to Guangya students. With his abundant research experience, lively sense of humor and most inspiring words, Professor Zhang introduced the nano-materials, artificial wetland biological purification system, green chemistry and biological reactions in organic synthesis applications and other areas of science knowledge and cutting-edge research, opening the door leading to the application of research from the textbook knowledge.


Lecture 11

Prof. Herford’s legendary experience sharing

Professor Peter Herford from Changjiang Journalism and Communication Institute of Shantou
University, delivered a speech on his legendary experience as a journalist. Peter Herford used to be vice president of CBS, the producer of "60 Minutes", which is the world's leading news magazine, the head of the CBS station in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, and former chief of Chicago Station. He once witnessed Israeli Six-Day War, the Greek coup, the French Revolution in 1968, Apollo’s landing on the moon and other major human history events. Attracted to his magical experience, Guang Ya students had a heated interaction with Prof. Herford.

Lecture 12

"Can you become a scientist?

Professor Hou Fanfan, Bachelor of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Southern Medical University, delivered a lecture on "Can you become a scientist? ". She speaks of aspects from vaccines invention, the charm of science to the law of scientific discovery, and makes clear to students three types of science. Students also have active interaction with Prof Hou later on.


Lecture 15

“Lei Feng Spirit, Common Heritage”

On the afternoon of March 6, the Dialogue with Outstanding Youth was held in Guagnya with the theme of "Lei Feng Spirit, Common Heritage”. Guests who attended the event include ex-Principal Huang Yongguang, school Alumni Qiu Ruixian and the successive Guangzhou Outstanding Youth such as Lei Hu. The guests have a heated discussion with young teachers, student representatives about the essence of Lei Feng spirit and how to practice it in a new era. The guests inspire the students with their abundant experience and unique insights.

Lecture 17

Science Changes Our World

Professor Thushara Abhayapala and Dr. Peter Strazdins, who were president and vice-president of College of
Computer Science and Engineering, Australian National University, respectively, and top experts in the world
computer engineering field have interactive discussion with students in Grade 1 and Grade 2 of our school
about many questions, such as future development of computers, how technology can serve all people better
and advantages and disadvantages of Australian education. The two presidents indicated that the level of
questions that students of Guangya was higher that that of questions proposed by college students and our
students’ understanding and profound comprehension of computer and engineering science exceeded their


Lecture 18

Interaction with World Champion of Judo, Xian Dongmei



The seminar guest speaker is a two-time Olympic judo champion Xian Dongmei, and the theme of her speech is "love –the greatest force that supported me all the way through”. With her personal experience, especially how to overcome setbacks, she encouraged Guang Ya students to overcome all difficulties and become man of virtues and dreams. The game "Challenge World Champion" was set before the lecture in which several students and Mr. Peng Shaochong the instructor of the Taekwondo club practised with the champion. Many students raised questions and expressed their admiration and gratitude during the "face-to-face with the world champion".


World Champion Xian Dongmei demonstated Judo skills with Guangya student

Lecture 28-30

Classes led by Australian Professors

A series of lectures named "Your future, unlimited" were given by professors from Australia on March 18, from 16:00 to 17:30. Co-organized by the Australian Consulate-General in Guangzhou and Guang Ya High School, the lectures covered chemistry, biology, finance and human resources management. The lectures delivered in English, not only enabled students to experience the original flavor of the Australian University classroom, but also broadened their knowledge and global perspective with the profound knowledge in the lectures. Ms.Qiu, deputy director of Teaching Affairs Office, said the Australian Consulate-General in Guangzhou and us enjoyed the partnership and expressed hopes of more activities which can equip students with global mindset.

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