Message from Principal

By YE Lilin


Bring your best self to the world stage

For all these years, outstanding GYer shave successively presented their brilliance on the international stage. One of them is Jiawei Situ, graduated from Guangya in 2007, who, in the pursuit of his music dream, tries innovatively to mix Chinese folk singing methods with Western singing techniques. Now he has become a leading figure in the new generation of Chinese jazz music, owning two internationalized bands, and is proudly referred to as “a promising musician” by the British media. Siyun Lin, a graduate from Guangya in 2012, has worked assiduously to combine Chinese and Western culture with her own major. At the age of 16, she was one of the torchbearers in the Asian Olympics and later she was successfully admitted to University of California, Los Angeles. In her sophomore year, she founded the first Chinese chorus in the university and in the junior year, she acted as the bilingual host of two TV programs of GETV in the United States. The US media regards her as a “perfect girl” of beauty and intelligence. 

China’s understanding of the international trend reflects its broad vision of the vast international society. While in terms of education, Guangya likewise attaches importance to the integrated cultivation of students’ knowledge enrichment and character building, that is, rather than becoming some “exquisite egoists”, our education aims to help our students to become a broad-minded and knowledgeable citizen. The virtue a GYer aims to develop is that, no matter where he is and how the society changes, one can always respect life, love others, serve the community, influence others positively, and contribute to the world’s welfare.

As our respectable former principal Mr. Shuming Liang put it in his book My Philosophy of Life, “everyone has the inner power, which is only to be brought out through certain activity.” By developing an insight of discovery, we can always discover a new self without being lost, no matter where we are, either in class or during experiments, either on the performance stage or in the world with complexity, and thus we strive to be our best self.

A student who can adapt to the social development in the future is someone who not only masters the knowledge itself, but also owns the ability to rapidly get the hang of that knowledge, which will enable him to react properly and adjust himself swiftly when the surroundings change unexpectedly. This kind of ability is the ability of learning, the ability to be aware of, to learn and to master the new things when one encounters them.

Standing on the world stage, one needs the spirit of innovation.

The ability of innovating is equally important as the ability of learning. The cultivation of talents not only requires one’s spirit of innovation, being brave to question and to criticize, but also the ability to innovate across various disciplines and fields.

Standing on the world stage, one needs the commitment of a community.

Accepting differences, respecting diversity and forming a community, only through harmonious cooperation can we win in the world stage. The excellence of a GYer does not lie in being a champion as an individual, but being a champion as a team, as a harmonious community.

I truly believe that, because of your efforts, the world is becoming more brilliant; because of the brilliance of the world, your life is becoming more glorious. I sincerely hope that, you become your best self, strengthening yourself with persistence; I eagerly expect that, you bring your best self to the world stage!



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