Guangya International Program (Boya Class)

Guangya International Program (Boya Class) starts to recruit students in this year, which means that any student attending Boya Class will be able to participate in Cambridge International Examination in Guangya and that Guangya has officially implemented a small-class teaching reformation integrated with national curriculum, international curriculum and curriculum with Guangya characteristics through opening of Boya Class. What’s more important, with the help of opening Boya Class, the school will provide more international exchange opportunities for all students, and create good environment and many practice platforms for Guangya students to face the future and the world via many platforms such as connection with foreign sister schools, international exchange student, international forum and participation in international competition. 


Cultivate elegance and grace in a centennial institute


With 125 years of school-running history, Guangdong Guangya High School has accumulated profound and elegant Chinese cultural deposits and always adheres to the school-running concept of its founder Zhang Zhidong “Chinese learning for fundamental principles and Western education for practical application”. Based on the years’ exploration on internationalization, our school has set Boya Classes which are committed to creating international courses “combining Chinese and Western styles” and cultivating talents with rich knowledge, nice character, scientific with humanistic touch, national sentiment and international vision as well as independent personality and elegant temperament.  


Nurture citizens of the world with a global mindset


The curriculum system for Boya Classes has highly integrates the national courses, Guangya-featured courses and Cambridge International courses. The introduced General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (A-Level for short) for senior high school students is one of the top two high school curriculum systems that enjoy the highest reputation in current high school / preparatory course stages. Moreover, it is praised as “World College Entrance Examination” and “Golden Education System” for global universities by the international educational circles. With high international recognition degree, A-Level is admitted by many famous universities in over 160 countries and regions like US, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia. Authorized by Cambridge International Examinations Council, our school is one of the Cambridge International Examinations Centers and students of Boya Classes can take the international college entrance examinations for Cambridge courses in Guangya. 


Embrace future success with dedicated faculties


Boya Classes are taught by strong faculty composed by excellent foreign teachers and Guangya teachers with rich experience. The selected Guangya teachers lecture for Chinese courses and serve as discipline instructors. The teachers for lecturing Cambridge courses are all with years of overseas teaching experience and degrees above master. In addition, Boya Classes also equip foreign teachers with Chinese teaching assistants (bilingual teachers with many years of overseas education background) so as to provide students with individualized counseling. 


Motivate individuality with vibrant classes


Boya Classes conduct bilingual teaching by excellent Chinese and foreign teachers. Moreover, the advanced teaching concepts, reasonable course structure, flexible teaching methods and active class atmosphere will surely stimulate the internal potentials, cultivate profound thinking modes and display distinct personality of the students. 


Guarantee academic excellence with a dual-diploma


Boya Classes adopt the cultivating mode of “student-oriented, tailoring teaching; small-sized classes and individualized counseling”. Through three years of systematic learning, students will not only grasp the essential knowledge of domestic requirements for ordinary high school new curriculum but also equip with the ability of conducting academic exchanges and researches in English proficiently. While receiving the domestic fundamental education, they also acquire the level connects overseas higher education. After completing all the courses and winning mutual recognition of credits, students in Boya Classes can obtain both Chinese and Cambridge diplomas. 


Gain access to internationally prestigious universities


At present, many international famous schools prefer Chinese students with Chinese cultural deposits, steady cultural foundation, vast development space and excellent international vision, which are exactly the education goals of Baya Classes. Furthermore, our school has also created many rich and Guangya culture-featured social activities with English-only environment guided by foreign directors in the purpose of fully developing the students’ comprehensive ability and quality on language, writing, socialization, innovation and pressure-resistance and providing conditions for them to excel in the competition of international famous school. 

Guangdong Guangya High School

No.1 Xiwan Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou

Tel: 020-81261232


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